‘Graceland’ Season 3 Spoilers Tease Mike’s Fate And More

The premiere date for Graceland Season 3 is fast approaching. Fans have only a few weeks left until the return of the USA Network series, and fans are still wondering about what happened to Mike. The character, played by Aaron Tveit, appeared to die in the final moments of the Graceland Season 2 finale.

One fan asked Michael Ausiello from TV Line about the likelihood of Mike actually dying, especially with how important his character is to the series. Ausiello offered a little teaser, and he offered a small warning. Grey’s Anatomy killed off Derek Shepherd during the past season, so it is clear that anyone can die at any time. Patrick Dempsey was the center of the series for more than 10 seasons.

However, Mike could live, and Ausiello revealed the reason why.

“Maybe the different question to ask is: ‘Surely Graceland wouldn’t rob us of the juicy drama in Mike knowing Paige set him up to die, right?'”

Paige and Mike had a lot of drama during Season 2. They went from lovers to working against each other. Mike’s death world take away that added drama, but the series could go after Paige with Mike dead too. It all depends on how the writers decided to play things out.

Previous spoilers shared by Inquisitr revealed that Tveit was not seen in photos shared by the cast on set when production for Graceland Season 3 began. That could lend support to Mike’s death, but it is hard to know for sure. The actor is not a fan of social media.

Entertainment Weekly also shared another spoiler for Graceland on Friday. This spoiler deals with another major character, Charlie. She found out a lot about Briggs, and she is carrying his baby. EW teased a bit more about her character and the direction things will take for her during Season 3.

“As you may recall from the finale, Charlie didn’t lose her baby after being tortured. In her quest to track down the man responsible, mysterious British dude Germaine Marsden (Russ Bain), she’ll have to turn to a familiar face for help.”

The teaser also revealed that fans might see more of Amber, the woman Charlie was working with while undercover. She will pop up again during the season ahead.

Graceland has become a hot summer hit on USA. The series comes from Jeff Eastin, who was also responsible for White Collar. That series wrapped at the end of Season 6.

What do you think? Will Mike live or die on Graceland? The series returns to USA on June 25. A preview for the season ahead is below.

[Photo: USA Network]