Shayna Hubers: KY College Student Danced In Interrogation Room After Murder

Shayna Hubers was recently convicted of murdering her boyfriend, 29-year old Kentucky lawyer Ryan Poston, after a jury concluded that she shot him not in self-defense, but rather in a rage after he broke up with him. Now, disturbing details have been released about Hubers’ behavior immediately after Poston’s death, including bizarre statements she made in the interrogation room.

Hubers told police she shot Poston six times in self-defense after he became violent and tried to attack her. She grabbed his gun, she said, and shot as he came at her.

“He was right in front of me and he reached down and grabbed the gun, and I grabbed it out of his hands and pulled the trigger,” Hubers said.

Hubers’ statements on video–recorded during a police interview the night Poston died–already had an odd tinge to them, and she reportedly paced and talked to herself, giving gory details of the shooting.

“I knew he was going to die a very slow and painful death. He was twitching and moaning, but I knew he was already dead,” Shayna reportedly said.

Police Chief Bill Birkenhauer said that after being left alone in the interrogation room, he saw her on a live camera feed dancing around, snapping her fingers, and muttering “I killed him, I killed him.”

“This was one of the strangest things, when she was doing that dancing, snapping her fingers and twirling around, almost as if she was proud of it,” Birkenhauer said.

Shayna Huber–now 24 years old–will spend at least 20 years in jail before she’s eligible for parole, something jurors say they hope is a good thing. Laura Kirkwood, who helped make the decision to convict Shayna, says that it’s still possible to rehabilitate her.

“A life sentence was too long that possibly, maybe if she is rehabilitated she could do some good when she gets out. She will be a different person when she gets out,” Kirkwood said.

The sentence, however, is too light for some who were close to Poston. His former girlfriend, Lauren Worley, says she believes Huber should pay the ultimate price for his murder.

“Well, it made me sick to my stomach. Maybe it’s traditional, old-school mentality, but if you kill someone, then you know, it’s eye for an eye. And what you do unto others should be done unto you. She just wanted to take out Ryan and take out everyone that was involved in his life. She blamed everybody but herself,” Worley said of Shayna Huber.

[Photo courtesy ABC News]