Stormtrooper Arrested — Principal ‘Had A Bad Feeling About This’ [Video]

The Force maybe strong with some, but for the stormtrooper arrested outside of an elementary in Lynn, Massachusetts, it seemed to be lacking. George Cross, 40, of Lynn, Massachusetts, is being charged with loitering 1,000 feet from a school and causing a disturbance, according to the Boston Globe.

Cross had recently bought his stormtrooper outfit, and he claims he was just walking through the neighborhood showing friends. In his possession was his plastic blaster. It was this that caused the principal of the school to call the police, Lynn Police Spokesman Lt. Rick Donnelly told Salem News.

“The principal thought the gun might be plastic, but since she wasn’t certain, she erred on the side of caution.”

Donnelly did not believe that Cross intended to cause any of the children harm, but regardless, he did create the disturbance that ultimately got the stormtrooper arrested.

“Our feelings are that he was not there to cause harm to the kids, but he used bad judgment. He did cause a disturbance and we can’t tolerate that. The way things are today, you can’t have that.”

Ultimately, the incident did cause a lock down at the school while the situation was being dealt with.

“Parents could not go into the school, and the principal delayed everything because she was concerned with the party outside. He had no reason to be there, didn’t know anyone at the school, and he was hanging out front. In today’s day and age, some of the kids were scared and a lot of parents were concerned. He caused quite a disturbance.”

Some parents might have been worried, but others seemed to take it in stride. Plenty of them outside of the school, as well as students from inside, captured pictures and video that they later shared on social media.

It has been a pretty rough month for stormtroopers. During Free Comic Book Day on May 5, a man dressed in a stormtrooper outfit was attacked by a drunk man for no apparent reason other than to intimidate him. As an aside, there was also a member of the Ghostbusters attacked in the same incident.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is scheduled to hit theaters on December 18. It is said that any publicity is good publicity, but in this case, that might not be correct. Do you think that the police overstepped their bounds in this situation, or do you think the stormtrooper arrested deserved what he received?

[Photo by Fox News]