‘Insidious 3’ Edges Out ‘Spy’

Insidious is a series that first hit the screens in 2010 with Insidious, followed by Insidious 2 in 2013 and now Insidious 3. Over the years, the franchise successfully managed to scare horror movie lovers with its frightening story about a family haunted by evil spirits and a medium known as Elise who helps set them free.

And this week, Paul Feig’s Spy was unveiled alongside that of Insidious 3, and the former’s showings raked in $1.5 million. However, Insidious 3 was able to bring in an amazing $1.6 million across 2,150 locations. While Insidious 3 is a horror film, Spy is in the action comedy genre, which makes their audiences unique.

The Insidious 3 cast includes Lin Shaye, who plays Elise Rainier, Angus Sampson, Whannell, and Dermot Mulroney, who plays Sean Brenner.

Upon its launch, Insidious 3 received a significant amount of positive reviews from industry critics. The Telegraph talked about Insidious 3.

“The film’s peak scares are orchestrated out of left-field and with a kind of scholarly timing: Whannell knows exactly what we might be expecting to happen and when, but he doesn’t just second-guess us, he third- and fourth-guesses.”

The Inquistr also highlighted some of the reviews by industry critics.

Basically, the film is a well-equipped machine for pushing our buttons. However, it goes one better on the average mainstream horror flick simply by finding new buttons we didn’t even know we had, creeping up and stabbing them all at once.

On the red carpet, one of the Insidious 3 demons showed up in full costume and pretended to choke the stars. The Insidious 3 event was at the TCL Chinese Theatre.

About his directional debut, Leigh Whannell had this to say, according to Variety.

“The most challenging thing for me was to try to make a film that was as scary as the first two…There were big shoes to fill [with regard to making Insidious 3] and I really tried. You try, you do your best, you put it out there and then other people take over. You can’t control what audiences think of it, or reviewers think of it.”

On the other hand, Jason Blum, who produced Insidious 3 alongside Oren Peli, said he couldn’t wait to watch it with the audience.

“It’s one of the reasons I love scary movies — you get to see a physical reaction.”

Whannell also added the following about Insidious 3.

“This film [Insidious 3], I really tried to put a lot of emotion into… I wanted the sub-story line of the film about Quinn losing her mother to be just as important as the scares. In a perfect world, people would walk out of this film [Insidious 3] terrified, but also, maybe they’ve cried or been touched emotionally.”

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]