Truck Carrying 70,000 Pounds Of Bacon Collides With Train, Twitter Cries

A tractor-trailer carrying 70,000 pounds of bacon collided with a train in Wilmington, Illinois, causing the truck to split open and the trailer to spill its contents all over the area.

According to NBC Chicago, the accident happened sometime Friday afternoon. The train was an Amtrax coming from San Antonio, Texas, with its destination being Chicago.

One of the passengers, Sam Herwitz, was confused as to why the train had come to a sudden stop.

“No one knew exactly what we were supposed to do. We didn’t really know if we’d hit something or we had just done a brake-check kind of thing.”

It wasn’t until 20 minutes later that the passengers onboard found out that it had collided with the tractor-trailer, Herwitz mentioned. Judging by the pounds of bacon that scattered all over the area, and the damage caused to the tractor-trailer, Herwitz is surprised the driver walked away unharmed.

“There’s [sic] boxes everywhere. But somehow the driver was OK. The truck that hit the train is in pieces.”

Authorities did not release the amount of people injured in the accident, but Herwitz noted that he saw one of the passengers being taken to an ambulance, and one sitting next to him hit his head on a seat.

While it appears that the drivers of both vehicles, as well as the passengers, seem to be fine, the people on Twitter were shocked to hear about a truck containing 70,000 pounds of bacon getting into an accident.

Bruh 70,000 pounds of bacon my life would be complete if I had that much Bacon😭 — Pizza Steve (@GrabYoGlasses) June 6, 2015

Trina Orlando, one of the reporters for NBC Chicago, was at the scene of the accident and initially tweeted that the truck contained “70,000 tons of bacon.”

But the people of Twitter caught her mistake, and she corrected it in a later post.

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[Image via NBC Chicago video screengrab]