A 9-Year-Old Girl With Cancer Leaves Dirty Homeless Shelters Behind, Has New Home Because Of Strangers

Casey Bardowell is a 9-year-old girl with cancer who was left homeless when her mother, Tracy Glasgow, quit work to take care of her. Now, thanks to some kind strangers, Casey and her family are back on track and out of dirty homeless shelters.

The little girl was diagnosed with leukemia at the tender age of two, according to MyFoxNY. Casey had a bone marrow transplant and developed graft versus host disease.

“The donor does not recognize the host — it sees her as foreign, so it’s attacking her skin,” Casey’s mother Tracy explained. “She looks like she is burned, her skin, she gets a lot of bumps on it.”

Casey has to be on 40 different medications, all of which have different side effects. She has been left with a crushed vertebrae, blindness in one eye, and other serious problems. Being homeless wasn’t one of the side effects of being ill anyone would have thought of.

Casey Bardowell
Nine-year-old Casey Bardowell was homeless until the kindness of strangers added stability to her life.

In order to adequately take care of Casey, Tracy quit her job as a secretary to take stay with her daughter full-time. However, Tracy fell behind in the mortgage payments and the house was lost. The family was homeless. They moved in with other family, but soon they had to find another place to stay because that family member was leaving the area.

Tracy contacted New York City’s Department of Homeless Services and was set up with a shelter. She says the conditions were out of the question.

“When I opened the door, the roaches started running everywhere.”

While fighting cancer, Casey’s immune system was not functioning at its best. The little girl’s mom had to find better shelter for herself, Casey, and her infant daughter. Soon after, the family moved into a medical shelter, but the conditions weren’t much better.

Soon, word got out and PIX11 News shared the story of the homeless girl who was bravely fighting cancer. Friends created a fundraising page, and soon the family had some wonderful news. They now had enough money to be able to rent a nice apartment in Valley Stream. Rent was paid 15 months in advance thanks to the donations which strangers sent pouring in. Friends have set up a registry at Overstock and Bed Bath & Beyond stores under “Casey Bardowell and Tracy Glasgow” to cover furnishings since the family has none.

Although Casey’s condition fighting cancer and graft versus host disease is still the same, she is no longer homeless and has a place to call her own. The stress of moving from place to place has been lifted from her and her family’s shoulders, all thanks to the generous kindness of strangers.

[Photo via MyFoxNY and Supportourcasey.com]