Duggar Babysitter Victim: Who Is She, And Will She Come Forward?

The mysterious Duggar babysitter, who was reportedly fondled by the robust family’s eldest child Josh Duggar, has yet to come forward, and that has many in the media speculating about what might happen next.

By now, if you have Internet access, then it’s almost certain that you know about what’s going on with the Duggar family. After Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar appeared on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News program Wednesday night to set the record straight — more to come tonight — the Duggar babysitter has started to turn the gears of journalists everywhere.

Who is she? Will she come forward? And if she doesn’t, are there ways of finding out?

In a recent piece for The Wrap, Tony Maglio and Joe Otterson lined out the nine remaining questions that the Kelly Files interview left viewers with.

At the very bottom of that list was this.

“Will the Babysitter Victim Come Forward?

“Jessa Duggar revealed that she was abused by her older brother, but Jim Bob and Michelle also revealed that Josh inappropriately touched a babysitter when he was a teenager. While the babysitter’s name has been withheld, she may now come forward to avoid having her name released in the media.

“Then again, she may wish to avoid the scandal all together, and do her best to remain anonymous. In the internet age that we find ourselves in, however, that ultimately seems unlikely.”

Let’s consider the possibilities for a moment.

If the Duggar babysitter was a family friend or even an extended family member (though that probably would have been mentioned in the police report), then it’s entirely possible the media will never find out her identity.

The Duggars are taking a lot of criticism currently, but they still have supporters, and those supporters are going to be even more vigilant in defending the honor of their favorite family, especially since the original In Touch Weekly report has been criticized for re-victimizing Josh’s sisters.

In other words, even if they have animosity towards Josh, supporters are likely going to be very protective of the girls.

Of course, The Wrap‘s scenario of the Duggar babysitter victim would be more plausible if the molestation changed the relationship the girl and her family had with the Duggars.

Ultimately, if she wants to come forward, it’s her right. Unfortunately, she may not get to make that call because it’s likely that In Touch and other outlets are trying desperately to find any individual or family that has had past dealings with the Duggars. It’s possible that, even if the Duggar babysitter victim doesn’t want to come forward, she could be “outed” by someone, who knows her story. After all, it isn’t likely that she and the Duggars are the only ones that know the truth of what happened.

Regardless, the next few weeks should be an interesting time in the family’s history.

Do you think the Duggar babysitter victim should be left alone? Do you think she will come forward with her version of events? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via Duggar Family Facebook Page]