Aimee Coath: Woman Killed In Chicago By CTA Bus After It Ran Light, Jumped Curb

Mother-of-two Aimee Coath was in the Chicago downtown business district when a CTA bus ran a red light, jumped a curve and plowed into the crowded sidewalk. Coath died from injuries sustained in the accident and eight others were injured. Aimee’s family has revealed that the 51-year-old woman on her way to meet her son and ex-husband for dinner when the horrific tragedy occurred.

The Daily Mail reports that Aimee Coath was busy planning her daughter’s upcoming wedding and on her way to meet her son and ex-husband for a quick dinner when the CTA bus plowed into the crowd. According to the police report, the incident happened at around 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday night in the downtown business district of Chicago. A CTA bus driver failed to stop at a red as it was turning onto Michigan Avenue. As a result, the bus plowed into at least three other cars and was sent up onto the packed sidewalk. The bus then hit a concrete wall where a number of people were sitting and pinned Coath under the bus.

Unfortunately, the mother was pronounced dead at the scene. Aimee’s daughter Elaine Wilson said that the whole thing is a “senseless tragedy.”

“She was a wonderful mother. It’s really a senseless tragedy. It’s very senseless.”

Elaine says that she is getting married in four months and had been making preparations with her mother before her untimely death.

“I’m getting married in four months and we were just talking earlier about plans. It’s devastating….She was a wonderful person… extremely energetic, warm, loving and an avid lover of cats.”

In addition to the death of Coath, eight other people were injured in the accident. However, none of the other victims sustained life-threatening injuries. Police note that the bus driver was the only one on the bus at the time of the accident and that the driver was cited for failing to stop at a red light and failing to exercise due care.

Meanwhile, Coath’s family is trying to pick up the pieces and honor the life of a woman that they say was cut way too short in a senseless act. Aimee’s brother says he is in “complete shock” right now and that the family just can’t believe that this happened to his sister.

Do you think additional charges should be brought against the bus driver since his neglect resulted in the death of Aimee Coath?

[Image Credit: Facebook]