Ed Sheeran Shares Which Superstar He'd Like To Take To Prom

Despite the rumors, Ed Sheeran has not dated Ellie Goulding, nor has he dated his friend, Taylor Swift. Who is someone that Sheeran would go out with, though? None other than the "All About That Bass" superstar Meghan Trainor.

Sheeran spoke with 92.3 AMP in New York in between four sold-out shows. When Shoboy and Nina asked Sheeran if he weren't a 24-year-old star and were still in high school who he would take to prom, Sheeran answered that he would take the "Dear Future Husband" singer.Sheeran, who completely sold out his North American tour, was able to answer Shoboy without a moment's hesitation, saying, "Meghan Trainor... because I think she'd be fun."

While it may have surprised many that Sheeran wouldn't automatically choose Swift, as Unreality TV explained "with all her crazy dance moves, we think she'd be the perfect date," Sheeran admitted that she'd get to ride in the limo, at the very least, with him and his date.

Sheeran also shared that Trainor wouldn't be the only one invited. Sheeran said he'd also want to ride with someone "really really hood, like Waka Flaka Flame." Sheeran also listed Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, and the ever-controversial Young Thug.

And why does Sheeran want to bring such a posse to prom?

As seen on Hollywood Life, Sheeran explained, "Just to be there just pouring alcohol all over the floor staring at people being like 'WHAT.' "

Sheeran also shared that once at prom, he and his date would have to dance to Chris Brown's "Loyal."

"To be honest, whenever 'Loyal' comes on, it's one of these songs as a white man I can't sing all of the lyrics so I just kind of look a bit awkward and dance, but I do like dancing to it."
Sheeran also shared with Shoboy that he never got the chance to attend his "18-year-old prom" but made it to his "16-year-old prom," where he won the night's award for "most likely to be famous."

So while he won't be taking Trainor to prom any time soon, maybe Ed Sheeran can make like Harry Styles and do a collaboration with the hot hitmaker.

[Photo Courtesy of Playbuzz]