‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Gets ‘Unbelievable’ Review From LeBron James

The hit movie, Pitch Perfect 2, received a stunning review from an unexpected critic – LeBron James.

In a press conference on Wednesday, LeBron James was basically asked how he is able to manage life in the real world as a high-profile superstar athlete in the public eye.

“Well, I’m able to pick and choose. I do normal stuff, I guess. I went to the movies last week at a regular movie theater. I went to go see umm…. What’s the movie with the girls and they be singing? ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ – which is unbelievable.”

LeBron James continued his impromptu review of Pitch Perfect 2 by shining a spotlight on one of the most popular characters of the franchise – Fat Amy.

“Fat Amy is awesome. I love her. Wherever you are, you’re awesome.”

Rebel Wilson, the actress known for playing “Fat Amy” in both Pitch Perfect movies, responded to LeBron James’ favorable review of her performance with a review of her own on Twitter.

“Thanks [LeBron James] for the shout out today. Your taste in movies is as amazing as your basketball!”

LeBron James is not the only person commenting on Pitch Perfect 2 recently. Even though the movie was released in theaters nearly three weeks ago, there are still quite a few people talking about the Elizabeth Banks-directed sequel on Twitter.

my dad was like ‘let’s have a man’s night out’ so we drove the movie theater and watched Pitch Perfect 2 and cried at the end like men do

— ✨Jake Wyatt✨ (@jakewyattriot) June 4, 2015

Keep in mind that several of the Green Bay Packers were featured in Pitch Perfect 2 as one of the a capella teams during an impressive riff-off scene.

If there is ever a Pitch Perfect 3, perhaps LeBron James and some of the other Cleveland Cavaliers will want to join the party.

Pitch Perfect 2 has reportedly generated over $229.6 million at the box-office worldwide since its release on May 15. With that type of commercial success, the chances of at least one more follow-up sequel are pretty high.

[Image Credit: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images & Coming Soon]