Snake-Infested House: $2 Million Lawsuit Filed After Buyers Find Dream House Full Of Snakes

A snake-infested house has lead to a multimillion dollar lawsuit against a Maryland realtor. A pair of new homeowners discovered the house they purchased came complete with a plethora of snakes hidden inside the walls. The Maryland couple, Jeff and Jody Brooks, that purchased what they thought was their dream house only to discover they had actually bought snake-infested home have reportedly spent $50,000 in an attempt to get the snakes hidden in the walls removed from their home. Due to the inability to rid the home of all the snakes, the Brooks’ opted to move in with relatives on June 3.

Jody and Jeff Brooks have filed a $2 million lawsuit against an Annapolis, Maryland, real estate agent, Barbara Van Horn of Champion Realty, who sold them the snake-infested house. The lawsuit also names the former homeowner, Joan Broseker, in the legal filing, stating that those involved in the sale failed to disclose the snake infestation.

The snake-infested house was sold to the Brooks’ for $410,000. The home has reportedly been “decimated” during the work conducted to remove the snakes. All drywall has reportedly been yanked out of the home and the rafters are now exposed — yet the snake infestation remains.

“You should let somebody know of every possible issue when you buy the house,” Jeff Brooks said. “I couldn’t come back here,” he added, noting that the memories of the snake-infested house are just too painful to return.

Exterminators have allegedly discovered eight snakes, most of them black rat snakes, in the snake-infested home. Black snakes are typically considered harmless, but that does not mean that Jeff and Jody Brooks consider them welcome house guests or permanent cohabitants. The largest snake found in the home so far was living directly below the bedroom of their infant daughter, Lily.


The snake infestation problem reportedly extends from basement all the way up to the roof. Exterminators also reportedly found multiple snake skins, snake feces, as well as tunnels and dens created by the reptiles. A home inspector declared the Maryland snake-infested home unfit for children. The Brooks’ family includes two young children.

Would you have sued if you had a dream home full of snakes?

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