Sarah Palin To Co-Host ‘Today” On Tuesday

Sarah Palin is returning to TV but fear not it won’t be for an entire season of nail biting boredom. Instead the former Vice Presidential running candidate will host the Today show this coming Tuesday.

News of Palin’s co-hosting duties comes just days after ABC announced that former Today host will spend this coming week hosting ABC’s Good Morning America, the main rival to Today which has been sneaking up in the ratings war over the last year.

Confirming the rumor on their website ABC says Palin plans to “reveal a different side of her than you’ve seen before.” In attempting to pull some of the buzz away from Katie Couric’s turn on Good Morning American NBC also reveals that “a surprise legend will return to the broadcast Monday morning.”

You will probably recall that it was Katie Couric who went after Sarah Palin during an now infamous 2008 interview on Couric’s former CBS Evening News home.

It was that interview that is widely recognized for completely destroying Sarah Palin’s political credibility, quite possible for the rest of her life. After the Katie Couric interview Sarah Palin began her crusade against Liberal media, blaming the press every single time she gave a silly answer to a question or created blatant lies such as Obama’s laughable “death panels.”

The move could help Today stay on top of the ratings war however if Kouric proves useful GMA which is only 137,000 viewers behind Today in the ratings war could for the first time in history land more viewers than Today.