Chili’s Waiter Spits In Customer’s Drink, Cries In Parking Lot — Police Discover Him Through DNA

It’s the kind of story that makes a person want to remain really kind to waiters, although the ABC News report about Ken Yerdon discovering that a waiter had spit into his soda claims that the New York man was kind to his waiter when he complained that his food was not cooked well enough. The 24-year-old Chili’s restaurant waiter named Gregory Lamica was pegged as the guy who had spit into Ken’s drink after DNA analysis uncovered him as the guilty party.

The Chili’s restaurant waiter also reportedly failed to give Yerdon and his wife chips. No doubt the Route 31 eatery in Clay, New York, might suffer fewer patrons as the news of the spit in the drink snakes its way across the web.

Court documents reveal that it was indeed spit that Yerdon found in his drink after he asked for his soda to go. After taking a few drinks from the cup, the top popped off. That’s when the gross spit was uncovered and Ken was able to see the spit with his naked eye. He drove back to Chili’s and found Lamica crying in the parking lot.

Although Gregory denied spitting in the drink, DNA evidence proved that it was indeed the waiter’s spit in the drink. The waiter later confessed to spitting in the drink. It took months for the DNA tests to link the spit to the crying waiter, as reported by 10 News, but once the tests finally came back, Lamica’s guilt was undeniable.

Thankfully, the spit tested negative for HIV and hepatitis.

Yerdon sued the spitting waiter along with the Chili’s eatery and the parent company.

This isn’t Chili’s first unfortunate encounter with its customers. In a report by the Inquisitr last year, Chili’s recently became the center of controversy over an autism debate.

Because of the spit in the drink incident, sending food back at a restaurant has once again become a talking point, as reported by MTV. No one wants to find saliva from their waiter — much less spit dubbed a “loogie” in this gross instance — floating around in their drink. Especially a spit-tainted drink that they’ve already taken sips from.

As a result of this Chili’s DNA case, waiters will no doubt think twice about spitting in any drink or food dish again.

[Image via Yerdon]