Zayn Malik's Rumored Thailand Fling Lauren Richardson To Star On 'Love Island'

Lauren Richardson became an overnight sensation when she allegedly partied with Zayn Malik in Thailand. Their sighting also made rumors swirl that Zayn Malik was cheating on his fiancée, Perrie Edwards, once again. Lauren Richardson isn't giving up on her 15 minutes of fame. Instead of hiding, she's heading to reality TV.

Lauren Richardson, 26, herself confirmed that she will be one of the 12 contestants looking for romance on the British reality show Love Island. Richardson describes herself as a "down-to-earth girl" and not the party girl that Directioners make her out to be. She also claims that her alleged partying with Malik was a "long story" that "got blown out of all proportion."

Lauren will not talk about Zayn. She would rather talk about the type of guy she usually goes with. Lauren admitted that she loves a guy that has tattoos, just like Zayn and the rest of 1D singers. She also revealed that she has plenty of tattoos of herself, which mostly scare off men.

"I like tattoos. I've got two big ones on the side of my body, one on the top of my back, and six on my arm which nearly makes a full sleeve. Sometimes men find it intimidating. They think I'm scary."
So what else is Lauren Richardson looking for in a man besides tattoos? She says that her ideal guy should be fit with a sense of humor to boot.
"They've got to look after themselves like I do, and go down to the gym. I don't want a wet fish either. You've got to make me laugh and have a silly sense of humour. The sillier, the better. If he can make me laugh, I'll be eating out of the palm of his hand."
The alleged model also says that men love her body. Lauren praised herself highly in a recent interview with ITV2.
"I've got a decent body. I've got an alright pair of legs. I don't like to big myself up too much, to say I'm stunning, but my body's pretty toned."
Fair enough. When it comes to Lauren's celebrity crush, she has her eye on a certain British male model.
"There's a delicious model called Stephen James who is covered in tattoos from head to toe. I like tattoos. I've got two big ones on the side of my body, one on the top of my back, and six on my arm which nearly makes a full sleeve."
There's a reason to Lauren Richardson's madness, though. She's not just joining Love Island to find a new boyfriend. An insider claims that the blonde is not done talking about Zayn Malik. According to the insider, there's a lot of rumors that she wants to put an end to. Lauren may even reveal the real reason as to why Zayn left One Direction.
"Lauren sees 'Love Island' as a great opportunity for people to see the real her. She has kept a low profile since the stories ran about her and Zayn, and there are a lot of untruths that she wants corrected. She never asked for the attention but now wants something positive to come from the situation."
It'll be interesting to see what Zayn Malik's alleged lover will have to say. Unfortunately for One Direction fans, Love Island will only air on ITV2 on Sunday June 7 at 9pm in Britain. Will you be tuning to see what Lauren Richardson has to say about Zayn Malik?

[Image: ITV / PA]