Miley Cyrus Rocks Bikini In Revealing Instagram Photo, And It’s Part Of An Unusual Music Collaboration

Miley Cyrus rocked a bikini in a racy Instagram photo shared this week, with the “Wrecking Ball” singer showing off her toned figure.

But she’s not just showing off her body for the sake of it — it turns out that Miley is sporting the revealing bikini as part of a unique collaboration.

The 22-year-old singer shared the picture on Monday, showing herself wearing a sparkly pink bikini and white sunglasses. Miley Cyrus was later seen in the same bikini in a photo shared by Wayne Coyne, frontman for the legendary indie rock band Flaming Lips.

“Shootin music video with @mileycyrus @katyweaver @stong @vijatm… Haha.. No one injured yet!!” Coyne wrote.

Miley Cyrus Rocks Bikini In Revealing Instagram Photo

While it may seem odd for pop princess Miley Cyrus to work with the experimental rock band, the two actually have quite a history together. Miley has been open about her love of the band, and even made a playlist of her favorite Flaming Lips songs for Rolling Stone.

“Once you listen to the them, it’s hard to listen to anything else,” she told the magazine.

Miley has invited the band on stage several times to play with her and gotten into the studio to record with them. They also came together last year to create a trippy video that Coyne called “Blonde SuperFreak Steals the Magic Brain.”

“This is the video we originally intended to be for a song that has a reference to the drug LSD,” says Coyne. “We were lucky enough to get a couple of hours with a bedridden Miley Cyrus. And even though she was still quite ill, she was full of laughs and great absurd suggestions.”

The pair have a new project in the works — a seven-song album they wrote and recorded together over the last year.

“I almost think it might be the series of songs that are Miley Cyrus songs, Flaming Lips songs on her record, then there’s the series of the same songs on our record,” Coyne said. “Ours sound like the Flaming Lips and hers sound like Miley Cyrus, but they’re the same songs.”

Coyne said it’s been great working with Miley.

“She realizes she’s Miley Cyrus, but she doesn’t act like she’s all powerful,” Coyne told Billboard, adding that “she can f—ing sing. She can do 100 takes, and they’ll all be different and good.”

But if fans want to find out why Miley Cyrus was rocking a pink bikini, they’ll apparently have to wait for the music video to come out.

[Image via Instagram]