Gay Teens Raped As ‘Sexuality Correction’ Method

As a corrective method to homosexuality, some families rape their gay teens in hopes to prevent them from going to prison.

In the video above, a mother felt that she had no choice but to have sex with her son, in an attempt to rectify him. She went to extreme lengths to ensure her son’s safety and heterosexuality. Indian law punishes homosexuality by imprisonment.

According to Mirror, it states as follows.

“Gay sex is punishable with up to ten years in prison in India, meaning anxious families feel they have no choice but to carry out the ‘corrective rapes’.”

You would think there would be several forced intercourse convictions. However, since it’s committed by family members, the victims don’t generally report them to authorities or pursue legal actions. As reported by Times of India, these rape victims somewhat go into shock.

“Victims find it traumatizing to speak of their brothers/cousins turning rapists and prefer to delete the incident from their memories and cut off ties with their families. Which is why such cases almost never get reported.”

“Shockingly, it’s all in the family — the parents are in the know, the rapist is usually a relative that is handpicked by them, and it’s like a ‘disciplining project’ designed to ‘cure’ and ‘correct’ the homosexual.”

According to statistical information reported by Daily Mail, in India, approximately 25,000 rapes happen every year. From the same source, it states that 309,546 crimes against women were reported in 2013. However, as it states from the aforementioned sources, most rapes — of the 1.2 billion people of the country — go unreported.

So, how many other possible victims exist per year?

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[Photo Credits: Twitter]