Stan Van Gundy To Quit At End Of 2012 Season [Rumor]

Stan Van Gundy’s days with the Orlando Magic are numbered. The Magic coach is reportedly tired of the drama surrounding star Dwight Howard and isn’t planning on returning to the team next year.

Alex Kennedy of HOOPSWORLD writes:

“A growing number of people within the organization believe that Van Gundy will quit after the season.”

Van Gundy is reportedly tired of having his team play second fiddle to star Dwight Howard. Gundy said:

“The thing that has bugged me more than anything this year: nobody even gives a damn about the results of our game… Nobody cares. There’s no questions about our games. Nobody cares if we play well or don’t play well. It doesn’t matter. It’s all, ‘is Dwight going to stay?'”

Howard waived his early termination option earlier this year and decided to remain with the Magic until the end of the season. Howard won’t be available for free agency until 2013 which means if Van Gundy does stay with the team he’ll have to coach through another season of “will he go or will he stay” drama.

According to HOOPSWORLD, the decision to leave may not entirely be Gundy’s. Howard has reportedly presented the Magic with a list of coaches that he’d like to play for in 2013.

Kennedy writes:

“There have been rumblings that Howard presented the front office with a list of coaches that he’d like them to pursue this summer.”

Van Gundy is currently under contract through the 2012/13 season.