‘Arrested Development’ To Return To Netflix For 17 More Episodes — Find Out When

A hilarious show with a massive cult following, Arrested Development is returning for a brand new season to Netflix.

After the once-thought-dead comedy was picked up years later by the streaming service, fans were both thrilled and slightly disappointed with the strange fourth season. But the final episode of Arrested Development season 4 left a lot of unresolved plot points, which led viewers to hope a fifth season was on the way. According to Vulture, the producer of Arrested Development, Brian Grazer, finally confirmed that another set of episodes is coming.

Grazer revealed the exciting news on the “Adam Carolla Show” on Tuesday.

“Netflix is determined to do more episodes, so we’re going to do more episodes,” he said.

Seventeen new episodes to be exact. Filming for Arrested Development season 5 will start in January of next year, 2016. Brian Grazer claims that the episodes should release on Netflix all at once only four months after that, according to Chron.

Grazer also admitted that it will take some tricky scheduling to get the entire cast of Arrested Development together for a fifth season, since many of the actors are busy with full-time movie careers. Arrested Development season 4 was heavily criticized for not featuring enough members of the Bluth family together in large scenes, since most of the episodes were centered around a single character. And when characters were finally put together into the same scene, many fans noticed that the actors were often superimposed using a green screen. Even worse, the green screen effect was not executed well, making many scenes look digital or even cartoony.

Hopefully, the Arrested Development crew will find a better way to get the Bluths together for bigger scenes and recapture the witty humor of the first three seasons. The show has a largely devoted fan base, but the creators lost the respect of many supporters with the strange choices made after they switched to Netflix.

When the Bluths last left off, Jason Bateman’s character Michael was in dispute with his son George Michael (played by Michael Cera) over the daughter of Ron Howard (played by Isla Fischer). George Michael’s cousin Maeby Fünke was being arrested for her accidental relationship with a high school boy, and Buster Bluth was arrested for the murder of family friend Lucille Two. It’s not uncommon for the characters of Arrested Development to make huge mistakes and get themselves into big trouble, but season 4 left some especially big cliffhangers.


You’ll have to wait a full year before finding out what happens when Arrested Development returns to Netflix.