Find Out Why Maroon 5's Adam Levine Bared His Butt In New Music Video

Fans were happy when Maroon 5's Adam Levine bared his butt in the new music video for "This Summer's Gonna Hurt." It's quickly becoming the new summer anthem with its super appropriate song title. Too bad it's lyrics make for a difficult and confusing listen on the airwaves.

The music video is obviously NSFW. It features Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine walking out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist. Levine confidently drops the towel in front of the camera, giving fans a glimpse of his tiny tush.

So what made Adam Levine bare his butt in the video? Was it intentional? Travis Schneider, co-director, told Entertainment Weekly Levine's intentions for baring his booty. He insists that there was no intention and everything was filmed naturally.

"The intention was to shoot it all in one shot and we rehearsed it that way. However, there's actually one cut within the clip."
Schneider also talked about his vision for the music video. He clearly had a lot of thoughts running through his mind, as seen in the following quote. Schneider wanted to include as many pop culture references as possible. Unfortunately, it failed since most fans thought it was a generic behind-the-scenes music video.
"Ray Liotta as Henry Hill [in Goodfellas] leading his future wife into the Copacabana is one of the best shots of all time. We also spoke about [Alfred] Hitchcock's Rope and a handful of music videos as well. Adam brought up Elton John's 'I Want Love' video which Robert Downey Jr. is in and was done in one take. I knew immediately that I wanted it to feel like the music video for 'Queer' by Garbage that Stephane Sednaoui directed in 1995. It's not one shot but the vibe, swagger, style and look is there. It's one of the coolest feeling videos."
So, how did Adam Levine feel about showing his behind in front of millions of fans? He wasn't as willing to show his butt as most people believed.
"I think he was hesitant to include it within the video. He was going back and forth with it on the day before and day of, but ultimately decided that it wasn't a big deal. It's real. Before a show, he gets out of the shower, puts on a towel and takes it off to get dressed. It' s just how it is and believe it or not most people do have big butts. It's absurd how much violence and drug use can be shown on TV, Twitter, Instagram etc. But a human ass is unacceptable. I think we both agree that standard has to change."
The music video isn't just about Levine's bare butt. The black-and-white footage shows Levine getting dressed and walking through the corridors of an arena until he meets up with the other members of Maroon 5. Levine and the band members take the stage as they perform the rest of "This Summer's Gonna Hurt."

The crooner revealed that "This Summer's Gonna Hurt" already leaked onto the internet. He took to Twitter to say, "Oops, we dropped our new video." It looks like Adam dropped something else too. Adam Levine proved that this summer's going to be a hot one.

Check out Maroon 5's new video below. Skip to 0:28 if you want to see his butt in all its naked glory.

[Image: Christopher Polk/Getty Images]