Tropical Storm Blanca Strengthens, Threatens Cabo San Lucas

Tropical Storm Blanca continues to strengthen as is approaches the coast of Cabo San Lucas. Although there are no current watches or warnings, the powerful storm is expected to be upgraded to a hurricane within the next 48 hours.

As reported by the National Weather Service National Hurricane Canter, Tropical Storm Blanca currently has maximum sustained winds of 70 mph — with higher gusts.

At this time, the storm is relatively stationary off the coast of Zihuatanejo, Mexico. However, it is expected to rapidly strengthen to “near major hurricane strength” and head toward Cabo San Lucas on Wednesday.

As it nears the coast, Tropical Storm Blanca will likely cause large swells and dangerous rip currents.

Although Hurricane Andres is currently centered approximately 890 miles off the coast of Baja, California, it is weakening and moving away from the shore. As reported by ABC News, The hurricane’s maximum sustained winds are now less than 105 mph.

As Cabo San Lucas prepares for the impact of Tropical Storm Blanca, some residents are still dealing with repercussions from Hurricane Odile — which struck the coast in September 2014.

As reported by Los Angeles Times, Hurricane Odile slammed Los Cabos with 125 mph sustained winds. As a result, nearly 30,000 tourists were stranded and the region was left in shambles.

Tens of thousands of people were left without electricity and running water for several months. With few resources, some residents resorted to looting.

The damage was a serious blow to tourism, which already suffered amid the global recession and rumors about violent drug cartels.

Despite the widespread devastation, many resorts reopened before the January 2015. As reported by Cabo Villas, “the Mexican government [did] a truly impressive and commendable job rapidly bringing in resources to support the ongoing rebuilding efforts.”

Unfortunately some residents, and businesses, are still recovering from the devastating storm. Nine months later, Tropical Storm Blanca is threatening to undo the recovery effort.

As reported by The Weather Channel, the storm’s specific path remains unknown. However, if Tropical Storm Blanca continues toward Cabo San Lucas, it is expected to make landfall on Sunday. Current forecasts suggest the storm could strengthen to a Category 3 or stronger hurricane by Wednesday afternoon.

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