Robin Thicke Bribes Tourists At Airport: Tries To Escape Hurricane Odile Using Celebrity Status

Robin Thicke reportedly tried to use his celebrity status, and some cash, to jump an airport line after being stranded in Cabo San Lucas for days in the devastating aftereffects of Hurricane Odile.

According to Celebuzz, Thicke, his son, a nanny, a male pal, and a woman who appeared to be his publicist were vacationing in Cabo when the hurricane hit. Afterward, his group was waiting in a line of hundreds of people at the airport for a plane to get out of the hurricane ravaged area when the woman traveling with him approached a group of tourists at the front of the line.

The Celebuzz source said the woman told the group of tourists that Robin would be coming up to them, giving them hugs, and that they should act as if they were his family and he was joining them so he could get to the head of the line.

After the tourists refused, the woman offered them cash to help Thicke move up in the line, but they declined the offer.

Thicke himself approached the group a short time later and made the offer again, but they refused him as well. He then made his way down the line, asking others waiting if they would help him move up.

Thicke was also seen taking off his shirt and posing for pictures with fans during the wait at the airport.

The source reports that someone must have accepted the offer because Robin and his group were soon seen in a spot much higher in the line than their original one.

Later, the “Blurred Lines” singer and his entourage disappeared from the line and were seen leaving in a car near an area where Mexican Federales were congregating. TMZ reported that Thicke and his group were later transported home by military aircraft, although he supposedly wasn’t given any special treatment.

Thicke has been making headlines recently for his testimony in the lawsuit by Marvin Gaye’s family accusing Robin of plagiarizing the music used in his blockbuster hit, “Blurred Lines,” from Gaye’s 1977 song “Got to Give it Up.”

As reported by this Inquisitr article, Thicke testified that he was too drunk and high to have anything to do with the writing of the song, even though he took credit as a co-writer.

The singer had originally claimed that he and Pharrell Williams wrote the song together, but in the face of the lawsuit he changed his tune, saying that he was jealous of Williams and later tried to take some of the credit.

Hip-Hop artist and producer EI-P slammed Thicke’s claims by saying he was a “s**t head” who threw Pharrell under the bus for the alleged plagiarism.

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