WWE Rumors: Top 10 Possible Feuds For Brock Lesnar Upon His Return From Suspension

Sometime within the next month or two, Brock Lesnar will be heading back to WWE television from his “indefinite suspension.” Chances are that he’s going to end up going after his WWE World Heavyweight Title upon his return, and that may determine who he feuds with first. Still, there are a number of superstars that could be in Lesnar’s future and path, and here are 10 possible feuds he could step into.

There are a number of other big-name stars in WWE that could step into the ring with Lesnar, but the fans don’t want many of them. Honestly, there would be next to no money in seeing Lesnar take on Mark Henry or Big Show or Sheamus or Ryback, and the company won’t go through with them.

Below are just 10 ideal and possible feuds for Brock Lesnar upon his return, and they are in no particular order.

Seth Rollins – This is the most obvious one, and it still will be if Rollins has the WWE Title around his waist when Lesnar returns. It’s hard to imagine this would be a fair match-up, but it would be a fun one.

Randy Orton – It’s going to happen in time, and fans may not be thrilled with it. Still, Orton is better when’s a heel and the turn would need to occur before this feud begins.

Bray Wyatt – He was built up beyond all belief before his match with The Undertaker, but now he has kind of fallen back into limbo. The creepiness of his promos against the brilliance of Paul Heyman’s promos would make for entertaining television.

Roman Reigns – Would you not want to see this again?

brock lesnar roman reigns

Dean Ambrose – He’s one of the top faces in the company right now, and is over-the-top lack of concern for his own well-being could make him a good match for Lesnar.

Stone Cold Steve Austin – The seeds were planted last night during the Stone Cold podcast with Paul Heyman for WrestleMania 32. It’s likely not going to happen, but it would really be a fun feud if it did.

John Cena – If this is a feud that takes place, fans wouldn’t be totally against it. Lesnar demolished Cena in their feud last year, and this would also help WWE in a huge way. If ever they wanted to have the John Cena heel turn cemented into place, this would be it.

Kevin Owens – It’s become evident that Owens is going to be a star on the main roster of WWE, and he’s one of the most innovative big men in the business. Not only would he be able to match the aggressiveness of Lesnar (to a degree), but he’d be able to bring out some moves that the “Beast Incarnate” would never expect.

Samoa Joe – Expect the Internet to completely and totally lose its collective mind.

The Rock – The big movie star has already said that he’s not done in a WWE ring, and he’s likely going to be at WrestleMania 32. This is a huge money-match and one that could really end up happening.

The return of Brock Lesnar to WWE is one of the most anticipated and biggest things of the summer Now, with his return imminent and on the horizon, fans are simply trying to figure out who he will feud with and the rumors are swirling.

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