Teens Accused Of McChicken Sandwich Sex Act

Want a sandwich? Some teens in North Dakota are accused of performing a sex act on a McChicken and a bottle of Gatorade, but Investigation Discovery's Crimefeed says that the youngsters may not be brought up on any charges. The incident is definitely attracting negative attention toward Grand Forks Central High School, however, whose faculty have been a bit standoffish about sharing details. That's to be understood since this nausea-inducing story is going viral on social media and in media reports.

From what various reports have been able to piece together, members of the high school's JV baseball team participated in what has been described as a sexual act which resulted in the presence of bodily fluids. A McChicken sandwich and a bottle of Gatorade were the targets of the sexual acts, but that's reportedly not even the worst part. It's been spread around that some of the other members of the baseball team were forced to ingest some of the violated food and drink after the sex act had taken place. The principal of the Grand Forks Central High School denies that the latter detail took place, however.

Valley News reports that videos and photos of the incident may exist -- which means that a crime has potentially been committed if any of the footage is being distributed or shared. Even though there is no reported criminality to the alleged incident itself, the distribution of child porn is indeed a felony, and the members of the JV baseball team are underage teenagers.

Principal Buck Kasowski of the GFCHS didn't want to elaborate on the details of what took place between the students, the sandwich, and the Gatorade, but he did make a definitive statement that something inappropriate did take place.

"Bottom line is some young people made mistakes."

Only six of the 15 to 18 players on the JV baseball team have been suspended regarding this incident, and the suspension is off-season. That means that their ability to play in future games has not been affected. In the meantime, it's been reported that no report has been made with the local police department, but that could very well change since it's been revealed that there may be photos and video of the alleged incident.

While the details are pretty sparse in media reports, it should be noted that students at GFCHS have taken to Twitter to share alleged details of what took place. The teens probably didn't realize that a sex act with a McChicken sandwich and sports drink would end up going viral in the media while grossing out the masses. What do you think of this bizarre news story?

[Photo via Wikimedia Commons]