Woman Burns Dog To Death With Blowtorch, Disturbing Video Uploaded To YouTube

A woman burned a small dog to death with a blowtorch, and a disturbing video of the killing has made its way onto YouTube and is sparking controversy online.

Video of the killing was uploaded on Friday and has spread quickly. The roughly one-minute video starts with a shot of a small dog that is bound at the legs. The animal struggles to free itself and whines quietly.

The video then shows a woman with a hand-held blowtorch who begins to burn the dog’s side. The animal struggles for a moment, but eventually goes limp. The woman continues to apply the flame as the animal’s breathing grows heavier and heavier.

At the end, the camera pans back up to the dark-haired woman who is smiling.

It is not clear if the dog died during the video itself, but the video’s description notes that the animal indeed died as a result of the blowtorch burns.

Information about the video is scarce. It was uploaded to YouTube in Portuguese, and the video itself appears to be taken in a farm or place with other animals, as a rooster can be heard in the background.

The purpose of the video isn’t entirely clear either, but it appears that it may be part of a twisted fetish known as “crushing.” These videos show women torturing and killing animals, often by crushing them to death with high-heeled shoes like the one worn by the woman in the video.

The story is reminiscent of another shocking case of animal abuse. Back in July 2013, a St. Louis woman was charged with felony animal abuse after reportedly bragging online about burning a dog alive.

The 35-year-old Adrienne Martin posted on Facebook, “I’m on killa mode… kill dogs… today.” The next day she posted, “I mean what I say and I say what I mean….#alldogsdontgoheaven.com.”

Martin was accused of using a blowtorch to set fire to a 3-year-old shepherd terrier mix named Brownie. Martin claimed that the dog, which belonged to her sister-in-law, had bit her son.

Though she first denied setting the dog on fire, Martin later confessed.

Though the reason that the woman burned the dog to death with a blowtorch is unclear, if caught, she could face a harsh sentence. An American couple accused of making the “crush videos” were hit with prison terms of up to seven years.

Video of the woman burning the dog to death with a blowtorch can be seen here, but be warned that it is extremely graphic and disturbing to many viewers.

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