Men Burn Bag Filled With Puppies [Video]

Surveillance video captured men burning a bag filled with puppies. Police are seeking the suspects who were observed setting fire to the bag and tossing it on the ground in Canarsie, New York just after midnight on Monday.

Sammy Omar who works for a beverage distribution company in the warehouse district, found the bag the following morning. Omar was deeply disturbed when he realized the burned bag held the remains of an adult pit pull terrier and her four puppies.

As reported by ABC News, Omar describes the horrific scene:

“The babies were scattered everywhere. “I couldn’t stand to look at it. I don’t even like to talk about it. It was a horrible thing to do to a dog. It was torture. The puppies were all burned up. “

Upon review of the video surveillance, Omar realized the men burning the bag of puppies had been captured on film. Cameras outside the warehouse recorded three men pulling into the parking lot in a white van.

As reported by Daily News, two of the men left the vehicle with a large black garbage bag, which they set on fire and threw to the ground next to a dumpster. The men got back into the van, which was missing the front license plate, and drove away. The back license place is barely visible on the footage and has not been identified.

Authorities contacted the ASPCA, who stated that the charred remains were being examined at the Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital. Veterinarians will perform a necropsy to determine if the dog and her puppies were dead before they were burned.

Police hope that someone viewing the video footage will be able to identify the vehicle or the suspects involved in the heinous crime. Omar, who was deeply affected by the crime, hopes that the suspects will be punished. He cannot understand why the men burned a bag filled with puppies.

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