Son Killed Mother: Grades Caused Argument That Led Him To Beat Her To Death

A son killed his mother after they reportedly argued over his grades. The 22-year-old man was home from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and he wasn't pleased when the subject kept coming up about his grades. The mother and son argued, and he ended up killing her, according to CNN.

Alabama authorities said that Tyler Ryan Blansit called 911 on Friday afternoon. When officers arrived at the family residence, they found Sherry Ann Blansit's body in the backyard. Blansit admitted to killing his 45-years-old mother. Evidence shows that the woman died of blunt force trauma to the head caused by a baseball bat.

When police confronted Tyler, they found scratches on him. Apparently, his mother fought back before she was struck with the fatal blow with the baseball bat.

WAFF News reported that many people in the small community of Mentone were surprised about the brutal beating to death of Sherry Blansit. Valley Head Principal Bill Monroe called Tyler "quiet and reserved." Police found no criminal record for the college student. What's amazing is that there was no profile about him on social media. However, those who know Tyler say the lack of social media presence and a criminal background is not surprising.


Monroe expressed how he felt after hearing about the beating.

"I was shocked at what happened, but I was more shocked when I found out who it was."
The principal also remembers Tyler as an excellent student with no disciplinary problems. Tyler played both football and basketball. His former basketball coach couldn't believe Tyler was capable of killing his own mother.

Tyler Blansit was charged with murder and is being held in the DeKalb County Detention Center. DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris said the crime scene was "brutal."

"Usually we'll have calls where a parent has whipped a child because of grades, a child has run away because of bad grades, but we've never had anything like this happen."
The father, who was at work when his wife was beaten to death, indicated that his son had been home from school for about five weeks, and they were waiting for the grades to come in. Perhaps the grade came in, and they were not good grades. Or perhaps the son had been put out of school, and he and his mother argued.

Officials are still investigating the case to find out what actually happened and the reason for the beating. What the public knows for sure is that it is such a tragedy for the Blansit family and their community.

[Image via Fox News]