Male Hooters Opens: Same Theme But Named ‘Tallywackers’

An all male Hooters opens in Texas this month, according to People. Hooters has been around since 1983. There are about 460 Hooters throughout the United States. Most people know Hooters is a restaurant whose waiters are attractive young women who wear revealing outfits. Their sex appeal is what brings some male customers into the restaurants. They dine, but they also love to be served by the “Hooter Girls.”

The restaurant employs men and women as cooks, host, busboys, and managers, but the “Hooter Girls” are what keep some people returning to the restaurant.

Now, 22 years later, there is a male equivalent to Hooters, and it is called Tallywackers. There are no “Hooter Girls” but all-male waiters dressed in tight shorts and tiny tank tops.

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Many positive comments are on social media about Tallywackers. The Huffington Post calls it “an all-male twist on the popular Hooters concept.”

“Unlike Hooters, diners will be able to choose their waiters before they are seated.”

To keep customers from waiting, there are currently 24 men available to serve. The lucky young men were chosen from over 125 applicants.


The Texas eatery that is putting a male spin on the popular Hooters franchise was started by Robert Duke, who contemplated the idea over a 10-year-period. Many people have asked why there wasn’t a male counterpart to Hooters. Now, there is.

“Owner Rodney Duke asked himself the same question we’ve all been asking for years, ‘Why isn’t there a male version for the opposite demographic?’ After thorough planning and scouting for the perfect location we are excited to launch Tallywackers, a bar, restaurant, and live entertainment venue here in the heart of Dallas, Texas.”

The first Tallywackers is a restaurant situated in Dallas’ Oak Lawn neighborhood. Even though the neighborhood has a large gay population, Duke insists that Tallywackers is a restaurant for all customers.

“While we are aiming towards the LGBT community as part of our audience, we are also expecting and welcome, a diverse clientele including women.”

The restaurant offers a wide variety of salads, steaks, pasta, and flatbread pizzas. Not only will guests enjoy the good food and the excellent service, they will be able to enjoy weekly drag shows and other entertainment.

Even though Tallywackers has just opened in Dallas, another Tallywackers is expected to open in Houston in the near future. Would you dine at a Tallywackers if you lived near one?

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