Let’s Drool, Ladies, ‘Male Hooters’ Opens — Tallywackers Let’s You Hand Pick Sexy Waiters

This is just for you, ladies (and some gentlemen). Dallas now has the male answer to Hooters, the not-so-subtly named Tallywackers, which opened on Saturday.

And just like we all know Hooters isn’t a reference to owls, it’s pretty clear what the new restaurant’s tongue-in-cheek name refers to. Let’s move on.

According to CW33, Tallywackers is one businessman’s answer to Hooters, which celebrates attractive, busty ladies. The new Dallas diner celebrates the male form instead, with tank tops meant to display bulging biceps and strong pecs, and shorty-shorts to show off — Well, you know.

This is the brain child of Rodney Duke, who for 10 years knew he couldn’t live in a world where drooling men could ogle scantily-clad women at Hooters — which he called a “breastaurant” — while the ladies were left out in the cold, People reported.

And if the name of the much-hyped, now opened restaurant doesn’t make it abundantly clear, the establishment isn’t meant to be sexist or offensive, but just plain fun.

“The establishment will be a fun, respectable environment … There is eye-candy — for boys and girls — great food and a really good time.”

The waiters are, of course, completely dressed, a requirement of the city’s health code — they’re not even shirtless, because exposed chest hair isn’t permitted.

Twenty-four young hotties have already been selected as the first all-male staff. More than 125 applied.

“We want to hire a wide variety of men,” Duke told the New York Daily News a couple months ago. “Everyone has a different type.”

And let’s not forget, there is actually food at Tallywackers. They serve steaks, pizza, pasta, and (ahem) hot dogs. But it’s hard not to wonder if anyone goes there only to eat. After all, customers can choose which delicious male specimen they’d like to wait on them.

“I expected to see cute men scantily clad. And so far, I’m not disappointed,” a customer said when it opened Saturday.

Another location may be opened in Houston soon.

(Some naughty trivia — the term tallywacker is actually old-fashioned name for someone who counted cattle as it was herded into the pen.)

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