Customer Who Didn’t Get Enough Sprinkles On Her Ice Cream Cone Prompts Police Response

A woman allegedly had a meltdown over the lack of sprinkles on her ice cream cone, according to a “scoop” reported by a Michigan media outlet.

This was far from your typical ice cream purchase right from the start even before things got hot over the cold desert treat.

For one thing, the customer in question, who was accompanied by a male companion, ordered the ice cream cone at a gas station rather than at an ice cream parlor, which perhaps did not bode well for the transaction which took place in Branch Township, Michigan.

It’s probably fair to say that determining whether there are enough sprinkles (which are sometimes called “jimmies” depending on where you live) on a cone is an inherently subjective issue.

As it turned out, however, the woman was so upset about supposedly being shortchanged on sprinkles that the clerk called 911 to report a disturbance in the store.

“The male with her attempted to calm her down as she screamed at the clerk,” Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole said. The female then attempted to hit the male. The two left the store in a vehicle and the clerk managed to get the license plate number. However, they were out of the area by the time authorities arrived to the scene, MLive explained.

The clerk was not interested in pressing charges, so evidently the matter is considered closed, rather than designated as a “cold” case, as it were.

Reacting to this story, New York Magazine made this thoughtful observation.

“Guys, it’s not even June — it’s way too early in the season for this type of heatstroke-induced behavior to take over.”

Cosmopolitan added its own take on the confrontation.

“Sprinkles are not that great… Sure, you may enjoy them… But they sure aren’t worthy of an epic screaming match at an ice cream cone shop that leads to the cops getting called.”

Oddly enough, this incident does not represent the first time that ice cream sprinkles, or lack thereof, resulted in police intervention. As The Inquisitr previously reported last year at this time, a woman called the U.K. equivalent of 911 because an ice cream vendor inexplicably only put sprinkles on one side of her ice cream order.

It’s not just sprinkles that raises the temperature. In a separate encounter chronicled by The Inquisitr about a year ago, a North Carolina woman called 911 because a Subway shop allegedly put marinara sauce on her flatbread pizza.

How seriously do you take the amount of sprinkles on your ice cream order?

[image credit: Judith Doyle]