Nacho Punch Breaks Down Every Inspirational Video In Their Latest Video

The creative minds at Nacho Punch took the time to analyze and break down every recent viral inspirational video in a video of their own.

In related news by the Inquisitr, said inspirational videos have flooded many social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and many others. One such inspirational video is when a coach delivered an inspirational speech when the team he was coaching lost their game. In another example of inspiration, Joy Castellano, suffering from cancer, combats her condition though inspirational make-up videos. Even though she has passed on, she has left behind a legacy to remember.

As shown in the video attached above, Peter Gilroy of Nacho Punch breaks down every inspirational video on YouTube. Though each video is not mentioned, some of the videos analyzed includes the famous/infamous “Look Up” video that tells people to actually “look up” from their cell phones, seeing the wonder in the world around them. Generally though, the video does attack the fact that inspirational videos seem inspirational because of cadence and rhymes.

Nevertheless, the video that was uploaded on May 29, 2015 is the 12th most watched video on YouTube as shown on the #PopularOnYouTube list. It has over 600,000 views, over 12,000 likes, and for some reason, almost 800 dislikes. Either loved or hated, the video did its job of showing the fallacy behind inspirational videos constantly uploaded on social media.

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