Dallas Substitute Teacher — ‘I’ll Put A Cap In Your Daddy’ [Video]

A Dallas substitute teacher threatened several of his class’ students. After using various forms of profanity, he even threatened parents. But that’s not all.

Workplace professionalism simply flew the coupe with this one. The only thing “professional” about this guy is that he talked like he’s a professional criminal.

During this teacher’s time at Skyline High School — in Dallas, Texas — the man got into it with his class. While in the argument, he spared nothing for the imagination.

“[Talking to student] You know what I’m gonna do to you? I’m gonna get one of my p*sos to take care of you. You’re too lightweight for me. Get one of your Mexican friends to play. They call’m in L.A., they call the v*tos.”

After the teen asked the substitute to repeat what he said he’d do to his dad, the teacher responded as follows.

“I’m gonna have a little chat with him…if he wants to mess with me, I will yeah [put a cap in him]…”

“…If you want to f*** with me, I’ll show you what time it is…in Detroit f*****g Michigan, right f*****g now…”

You got something to f*****g say to me?…”

That’s when the teen let him know that he was being recorded. After which, the substitute told the student that he didn’t care and then called him a racial slur.

Dallas Substitute Teacher — 'I'll Put A Cap In Your Daddy'
Credits: YouTube

Some professions aren’t for everybody. Sure, you might need the money and all. However, if you haven’t the minimum requirements for the job, it might be wise to find other means of income. That makes sense, right?

You wouldn’t apply to be a high-rise window cleaner if you were terrified of heights, would you? Likewise, if a person doesn’t have the tolerance for kids and teenagers, that person shouldn’t apply to be a substitute teacher.

Even when this writer was in school, students rarely showed substitutes any love — unless those subs were giving “free-days.”

Honestly, many teens these days are far different than in years-past. Some of them are just plain obnoxious, disrespectful, rude, and belligerent. However, even from slight observance, one would know that information before going into the substitute teacher position, presumably.

What are your thoughts about this Dallas substitute’s behavior? If he had that type of personality, why do you think he took the job?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.

[Photo Credits: YouTube]