Stockton, California, Animal Shelter Offers ‘Free Pit Bull’ Adoption, Pit Bull Critics Enraged

Stockton, California, is a place sadly known for its fiscal problems and not necessarily a place to get a good deal on pit bull adoption. According to CBS Sacramento, the city of Stockton animal shelter came to the realization that they were overwhelmed with the amount of animals in their shelter, and pit bulls made up the bulk of the overpopulation of animals. The shelter manager, Phillip Zimmerman, suggested that without a change in their adoption rates, putting animals down would happen far more frequently.

“I am going to be completely honest with you, when this happens and we can’t find other positive outcomes for the animals, humane euthanasia occurs more frequently.”

In an unusual move, Stockton chose to reduce the rate for pit bull adoptions to free, in an attempt to alleviate the overcrowding. Zimmerman explained that this was not an unusual move by Stockton animal shelter to allow free adoption of pit bulls, and any animal for that matter.

“We regularly offer free adoptions but still want them to go to good homes. We are ridiculed because we offer these free adoptions but we need to help adopters afford the costs of a new pet and we need to save lives.”

Zimmerman explained that pit bulls are routinely dropped off at the Stockton animal shelter, and then do not get adopted due to negative stereotypes. The city of Stockton animal shelter manager estimates that only 32 percent of the animals left the shelter alive, despite some of these free adoption offers. Sadly, Zimmerman’s concerns about pit bull stereotypes reared their ugly head in Stockton, and appear to be helping to stymie free adoption hopes.

According to FOX 48, a petition has been making rounds through the internet with one simple goal, to stop the Stockton animal shelter from allowing free pit bull adoptions to continue. Philip Zimmerman said that he understands their concerns.

“We understand their concerns. Some of the accusations are that, you know, people will fight these pit bulls. I don’t think coming to a law enforcement facility and picking up a spayed, neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated animal is a criminal’s ultimate goal.”

Competing opinions in Stockton, California, are making this seemingly animal rights decision hard on the Stockton animal shelter. Pit bull owner Richard Gonzales said that he believes that all the outrage over Stockton’s free pit bull adoption is simply misinformation.

“Well, I think some people are just misinformed. Like any other dog, if you raise them right they’re OK. Yeah, they’re very friendly and lovable dogs.”

Another Stockton, California, resident had a negative view of the animal shelter’s free pit bull adoption, and simply said that “Yeah, they’re really aggressive like when I see them.”

In the end, Zimmerman hopes that the city of Stockton animal shelter’s free pit bull adoption initiative pays off because they do not want to euthanize the animals, even if it means losing a few dollars.

“‘Cause we’re here to save lives, and that’s more important than raising revenue.”

Stockton’s animal shelter is still holding their free pit bull adoptions, and hopes to continue it until a significant amount of those pit bulls find homes. Considering the fact that pit bulls have gotten a political action committee (PAC), as the Inquisitr reported, free adoptions might only add to a positive trend for pit bulls.

[Image Via Stockerton Animal Shelter]