Police Investigating Fight at Junior High School That Sent One Child To The Hospital, Video Posted To Instagram

A fight at Flossmoor’s Parker Junior High School, near Chicago, is being investigated by police after one child was sent to the hospital on Wednesday, after he returned home. According to police, a 12-year-old boy was walking past a row of buses when he was attacked by another boy that came from behind. The attacker grabbed the victim and “slammed him to the ground,” where he hit his head on the ground, resulting in the injury that sent him to the hospital. The attacker then stole the victim’s shoes and bag, hiding them in an unknown location. When the bully was finished, he simply boarded the school bus and went home.

According to the Homewood Flossmoor Chronicle, the victim has been bullied by his assailant for quite some time. The victim attempted to take an alternate route home when he saw the bully near his normal route. He decided walking past the row of buses would be the safest route. While walking, another student asked him if he was going to fight the bully. It was soon after that the bully jumped him from behind and beat him.

A fellow student captured the fight on video and posted it to Instagram. Within the video, the bully is on top of the victim, who is lying on his stomach and covering his head the best he could, while the bully pummels him. The victim already hurt his head when he was tossed to the ground, resulting in the need to seek medical attention.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the Flossmoor School District 161 Superintendent, Craig Doster, confirmed the fight and stated that school fights are sadly not uncommon. Parker Junior High School serves students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. The video is being reviewed to see whether the victim was surprised by the attack from his bully or whether the attack was mutual.

The victim’s mother took him to the emergency room at the suggestion of the school nurse and staff. He was cleared of having any broken bones, but a CT scan showed that there may be bleeding in his brain. As a result, he was admitted into a pediatric intensive care unit. While the case is under investigation, detectives are watching his condition carefully as they decide how to charge the bully in the incident.

The fight was not reported to the police until Wednesday night, when the mother reported it. She feels the school should have called the police and the paramedics to respond to the fight and injury, rather than leaving it up to her after the fact.

[Photo Courtesy: Patch]