Internet Backlash Erupts Over T.G.I. Friday’s Breastfeeding Mom’s Shaming

A young, breastfeeding mom’s Facebook post went viral this week, and the internet is mostly backing her up. Conner Kendall received a nasty shock when she discovered photographs of her breastfeeding her son in a Terra Haute, Indiana, T.G.I. Fridays.

You can read her original post at Facebook.

Conner Kendall declined to give the name of the unidentified man who took a photograph of her breastfeeding without permission, though she did confront him in a private message. According to Conner Kendall, she received an apology and the unidentified man deleted the photographs, but the man has never publicly acknowledged that he was wrong for taking the photograph of Kendall breastfeeding and posting it to his Facebook account without her knowledge.

In the days since the story broke, the internet has weighed in on Kendall’s photographs and her response to the anonymous man who took them. Most of the statements have been in favor of Conner Kendall and breastfeeding moms everywhere.

I’m not a mother but I really don’t understand how some people think breastfeeding is something to be ashamed of

— Ms Krystal (@KrystalSim) May 31, 2015

Conner Kendall. Peoplein india are really appreciating your stand. (For those unaware: this young mother was…

— Bhagyashree Sawant (@adventurebags) May 31, 2015

T.G.I. Friday’s has remained silent on the subject of breastfeeding moms in general and on Conner Kendall in particular. The silence didn’t sit well with some Twitter users, who have repeatedly tweeted the official T.G.I Friday’s Twitter account with the hashtag #freebreastfeed.

Of course, not all of the tweets have been in support of Conner Kendall or public breastfeeding.

Meanwhile, the man who originally posted the photographs has been identified. Hosts of the Terra Haute radio program The Mike & James Show identified the man, though they redacted his last name. One of the hosts, Mike, had particularly strong words for the man.

“Bernie ***** felt the need to take this mother’s picture and post it on Facebook. He has since then deleted it. I’m all for shaming people that deserve it but this toolbox needs to come down off of his little stool. Too be this god d*** stupid is beyond me. Er ma gerd Becky a boob. Bewbs! The fueling stations of Infancy is so offensive to this gentleman. This is a guy that also gives his 10 month old Mountain Dew. All this before deleting the picture. Grow a sack Bernie and don’t be a little t**. If a mother feeding her child naturally is offensive to you, please kindly stick your head in a mobile urinal. Jack**.”

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