Vehicular Headbutting: Watch Why You Should Never Interfere With A Sheep’s Mating Ritual [Video]

A sedan car was driving along a road, minding its own business, possibly somewhere in the Middle East, when it literally got rammed by a randy sheep. It seems the vehicle interfered with the horny sheep’s mating ritual, and the angry animal rammed the car rather than his rival ram.

According to the Mirror, it is unknown where the video was actually taken, but the unfortunate driver definitely got more than he bargained for as he tried to drive between the sheep at loggerheads in the middle of the road.

As the males locked horns as part of the traditional sheep’s mating ritual, one of the pair backed off a little to get a little more impetus in his next headbutt. What the ram didn’t see coming was a large silver car trying to drive through the herd.

The ram hit the car so hard that a huge dent appeared in the car, and one headlight was totally smashed.

The person making the video kept his car parked on the road, filming the action with his child laughing at what was going on, while the animals carried on with their traditional sheep’s mating ritual as if nothing untoward had happened.

Suddenly, however, the main protagonist in the sheep’s mating ritual turns and casts an angry eye in the direction of the man’s car. The video ends as the driver most likely backed away from the scene of another possible vehicular headbutting.

You just have to hope the first driver’s insurance covers headbutting by a ram. The story also acts as a lesson to all. When two guys are fighting over the same woman, just keep out of the way and let them get on with it.

Sheep's mating ritual

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[Image: Screen grab from YouTube video]