Chris Soules To Be Named 'The Bachelor' Again? Prince Farming Wants Second Chance At Love

Just days after Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff announced their breakup, the Iowa farmer is hoping for a do-over as the next Bachelor. Now that his gig with Dancing with the Stars is over, his time in the spotlight is fading, so reports that he is trying to pull a Brad Womack and get a second gig with a new round of ladies is not surprising.

According to Hollywood Life, a source close to Chris states that he has been telling friends that he wants another chance at love, and would like to become the next Bachelor. While Brad Womack returned for a second stint (Season 15) after walking away from his final two picks in Season 11, it's hard to believe ABC would give the farmer another shot after a lackluster season.

Many fans thought Chris Soules was a complete bore on his season, commenting that he wasn't much of a conversationalist, and all he did was "giggle and make out." Although Zap2It reports that ratings were up early in the season, the rise in ratings may have had something to do with comedian and TV host Jimmy Kimmel's appearance on the show.

Although Chris turned out to be a rather boring Bachelor, the girls who were cast to win his heart made up for his lack of personality. A cast of characters, including crazy onion girl Ashley S, former Playboy model Jade, and Kim Kardashian wanna-be Ashley Iaconetti kept fans entertained when Chris failed to do so.

If ABC is thinking about bringing Chris back for a second season, the girls cast for his second go-around would not only have to be even crazier than the first 25, they would also need better acting lessons to pretend they really want to move to a town of less than 500 people. Finding small-town and farm-loving contestants would probably be harder than getting Chris to say more than five words during a date.

According to Reality Steve, there won't be a decision made on who the next Bachelor is until Kaitlyn's season of the Bachelorette is over. With rumors that Andi Dorfman's hunky ex, Josh Murray, or one of Kaitlyn's final picks (spoiler alert) is in the running, it would be hard to believe that ABC wants fans to sit through another season watching Chris Soules gaze out at his corn fields.

[Image: ABC]