May 31, 2015
Alexandra Daddario Makes The Big Time With 'San Andreas'

Alexandra Daddario is one of those actresses who is in a sort of Hollywood limbo. The young brunette is no rookie when it comes to acting -- she's actually played a part in some of the most popular movies and television shows released in the last few years. Still, Alexandra Daddario is hardly a household name. That could be about to change, thanks to her turn in the new blockbuster disaster epic, San Andreas.

Alexandra Daddario plays Blake, the daughter of The Rock's Ray, who is headed off to visit a college when the mother of all earthquake disasters hits. A good deal of the movie is The Rock trying to find Alexandra Daddario while also saving as many other Californians as he can. This is really the first adult blockbuster the young woman has had a large role in, with her other movie starring turns being as part of the Percy Jackson series.

If her face looks familiar, you might have also seen Alexandra Daddario as the love interest of Neal Caffrey in the first and second season of White Collar. Alexandra Daddario was also the girlfriend of Woody Harrelson's detective character in the first season of True Detective. This show is arguably where the young actress finally showed that she deserves to get credit as a grown woman, working in grown woman roles, considering she partakes in a rather graphic sex scene in one of her first appearances in the show. The fact that she's 29 seems to hint back to her standing as being in that Hollywood limbo area.

In San Andreas, the veteran who isn't thought of as a veteran not only plays the daughter of Dwayne Johnson but also the daughter of Carla Gugino. She recently talked to about what it's like to work with Gugino and said, "she is such a miraculous woman. We both got there before shooting and we had some time to get to know one another and to bond. She is just such an an incredibly nurturing, caring person, but she is also a very tough and strong woman. I feel lucky to know her."

As if to cement that Alexandra Daddario isn't really the rookie many people might think, the actress also did some turns in music videos. Alexandra Daddario has turned up in both Imagine Dragons and Jonas Brothers videos in recent years. It's a safe bet that if you haven't actually spotted Alexandra Daddario until now, you're going to be seeing a lot more of her in the near future.

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images]