Georgia Hooters Waitress Donates Kidney To Long-Time Customer, Says Surgery Was A Success

A Hooters Girl from Roswell, Georgia, gave one of the restaurant’s long-time customers a life-changing gift. Waitress Mariana Villarreal hadn’t worked at Hooters long when she met Don Thomas. Thomas suffered from kidney cancer which resulted in the loss of both of his kidneys. Mariana, who had recently lost her grandmother to kidney failure, immediately offered up one of her kidneys to the ailing man and he accepted. The selfless Villarreal underwent the kidney transplant with Don by her side to receive the organ yesterday and says that the kidney was a “perfect match” and that both are expected to make a full recovery.

According to 11 Alive News, Mariana Villarreal was working at the Roswell, Georgia, Hooters when she met Don Thomas. Thomas had been a long-time regular to the restaurant but the pair didn’t know each other outside of work. However, one day when Thomas was discussing his battle with kidney cancer, Villarreal made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Mariana says that her grandmother had recently passed away from kidney failure and that she wasn’t able to do anything to save her. However, there was something she could do for Don. Mariana still had both of her kidneys and knew she only needed one to function so immediately offered up one of her own to the ailing man.

“I said, ‘Well I have two kidneys, do you want one of mine?'”

Don accepted her offer and the pair underwent their kidney transplant surgery on Friday. However, the surgery didn’t come quickly for the pair. Mariana posted to her social media accounts that the two have been going to doctor’s visits for the procedure for nearly two years. She had only known Don for about three months when she made him the irresistible offer, but she has now had the pleasure of getting to know him for the two years they have been preparing for the transplant. Mariana says that Don is a Vietnam war veteran and father-of-two. She says his wife passed away from breast cancer, and a few years later he got kidney cancer.

Fortunately for both Mariana and Don, the surgery was a success and the Hooters Girl says the kidney was a “perfect match” and both are expected to recover fully. On her Instagram page, Mariana says that her remaining kidney is working well and that she feels like she still has two in there.

“Thank you all so much for the kind words! It means a lot to me that everyone has taken a second to comment and wish me well! The kidney is a PERFECT match and is working amazingly! As for me my kidney is working like there’s still 2 in there. I know God will watch over us for the rest of our lives and may the glory always be for the lord of lords! Once again thank you all!”

With the surgery over, the Hooters waitress has created a GoFundMe page to help cover expenses while she is away from work. According to the page she will be out of work for six weeks following the surgery.

What do you think of the Hooters waitress’ kind actions? Do you think she will get repaid in kind tips going forward?

[Image Credit: Instagram]