Four First Grade Students Find Teacher’s Aide Passed Out In Bathroom With ‘Syringe Sticking Out Of Her Arm’

A 27-year-old Colorado teacher’s aide, Cassandra Rein, was found passed out in the school’s restroom by four first grade girls. The teacher’s aide was found with a “syringe sticking out of her arm” and a clear bag of white powder by her side.

ABC News reports that Cassandra Rein was working as a teacher’s aide at the Denver Center for International Studies at Ford Elementary School when the incident took place. Rein was found passed out in the bathroom floor by four first grade students. Fortunately, the young girls didn’t know what they were witnessing and thought that Rein was “sleeping.”

One of the students who found the teacher in the restroom was 7-year-old Lissette. Lissette notes that she found the teacher “sleeping” in the floor so she went back to class and told her teacher.

“I saw in the bathroom a teacher sleeping on the floor, and we told my teacher. My teacher called 911.”

According to CBS Denver, the police report indicated that the teacher’s aide had a “syringe sticking out of her arm” when she was found in the bathroom floor. Police arrived to the scene at approximately 11:30 a.m. and took Rein for medical treatment. It was noted that the teacher was also found with a clear bag that contained a white powdery substance. In addition to the items found near the teacher on the floor, Rein’s bag also contained a number of other syringes and more powdery substance.

Rein was placed on administrative leave and a note was sent home to the parents of students at the elementary school explaining the situation.

“I want to inform you that today at DCIS at Ford a staff member was found unresponsive by four first grade girls in the restroom. The students thought the staff member was sleeping. They quickly reported it to their teacher and I commend them for doing so! The staff member was taken to the hospital for further evaluation. We hope that she is going to be fine.

However, as a result of this incident, the staff member is currently under investigation for drug-related offenses on school property. We are working with the Denver Police Department and the DPS Office of Safety and Security on this investigation. The staff member has been placed on administrative leave, which is routine, until the matter is resolved. Please know that personnel information is confidential by law; therefore, we cannot provide further details at this time.

Please know that the safety and wellbeing of our students is our priority. The school counselor talked with the students involved in this incident and is available to talk with other students if they are troubled by this incident.”

Parents say they are not pleased by the situation and it could have been worse had a child found Rein’s bag.

“She wouldn’t be herself, might not make the best judgment calls. And if a kid were to get hold of it, God knows what else would happen.”

On Friday, Cassandra Rein had her bond hearing at which she was denied bond. She now faces various drug charges.

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