Haunted Lighthouse Of Tevennec Gets Its First Guest In 100 Years

The haunted lighthouse of Tévennec has been uninhabited for more than 100 years. One of France's most terrifying places to live will finally have a guest stay at the infamous lighthouse for 60 days.

The lighthouse of Tévennec has a dark and haunting reputation. Located a short distance from Pointe du Raz in western Brittany, France, the haunted lighthouse has had its share of people going insane, suspicious deaths, including children and people falling on knives, and ghost sightings, according to a story by Vice.

In 1875, the lighthouse was lit for the first time. The first haunted tale involved Henri Guezennec, the first lighthouse keeper and guard to live at the desolate location. The legend suggests the guard went completely mad while living there and watching guard at the lighthouse.

Tévennec Lighthouse
Haunted lighthouse of Tévennec, a short distance from Pointe du Raz in western Brittany, France. (Photo by Charles Marion. Courtesy of National Society of Heritage, Lighthouses and Beacons)

Marc Pointud, founder of the National Society for Heritage, Lighthouses and Beacons, plans to make history and live in the remote lighthouse for 60 days in his attempt to raise awareness of the forgotten landmark, while celebrating the lighthouse's 140-year anniversary.

Marc Pointud explained to Vice why he plans to stay at the haunted lighthouse, knowing others have gone mad from the total isolation and loneliness.

"That is exactly what this is about. Solitude is the Tévennec's keepers' tradition. Between 1874 to 1910, the lighthouse needed a new keeper every year. Nobody could last longer. But it was a different time. You weren't able to communicate with the outside world. You basically only had the birds to talk to. It'll be much easier for me. I'll be in touch with both the media and my association all the time."
Marc Pointud To Stay At Haunted Lighthouse
Marc Pointud, founder of the National Society for Heritage, Lighthouses and Beacons, stands on top of the haunted lighthouse of Tévennec. (Photo via Vice)

Pointud offered an explanation as to why there are so many haunted stories about the lighthouse.

"Before it was a lighthouse, Tévennec was supposedly the residence of Ankou (the personification of death in Breton legends). When you sail the Raz de Sein without an engine, the current takes you directly to Tévennec. A lot of sailors have died there and that's how the rock earned its reputation. After the state built a house out there, they'd send people to live there by themselves. Which wasn't a great idea. Whenever it was stormy, waves could go all the way up above the roof, which ended with the house being completely destroyed three times in 100 years. Hopefully, things are a bit different these days."
According to Marc, the lighthouse is completely abandoned.

Marc said he has to bring his furniture and more.

"There's no furniture. It's completely abandoned. I'm going to bring a couple of bits and pieces -- bed, a chair, a table, food, and some stuff to write with. It's going to be a bit like being a prisoner, I suppose. The lighthouse is fully automated, so I don't have to operate it or anything. There's no running water, no electricity, no heating. It's going to cost a fortune to refurbish that place. That's why we are crowd-funding this project."
The National Society for Heritage, Lighthouses and Beacons crowd-funded project is called Light on Tévennec. Marc said he doesn't believe in ghosts, though he respects other people's beliefs. If the lighthouse is truly haunted and a ghost appears, Marc said he would try to snap a picture.

[Feature image via L'avenir.net]