Amber Portwood Losing Weight: 'Teen Mom' Shares Weight Loss Secret

Ever since getting out of prison, Amber Portwood has been making it a point to stay happy and healthy. The reality show star doesn't want any negativity in her life, and it looks like she has been focusing on being healthy as well. The mother of one has been losing weight, but it isn't due to any crash dieting or anything else unhealthy.

Recently, Amber took to Twitter to post a new photo of herself looking great. In the photo, Amber revealed that she still had "15 more pounds to go." The reality show star also revealed that she is on her way to becoming "happy and healthy." How is Amber losing the weight? When a fan asked her to share some tips, Amber obliged and revealed a big one that likely has helped aid her in her weight loss endeavors.

When trying to lose weight, it isn't uncommon for people to ditch excess sugar in an effort to shed pounds. These days, many foods contain excess amounts of sugar and, too often, people don't realize that the foods they are eating are high in sugar. As a result, this can slow weight loss progression.

In fact, WebMD cites a review from a group of New Zealand researchers that shows sugar and weight loss (or gain) go hand in hand. One researcher, Jim Mann, DM, Ph.D., revealed just how much of an impact sugar can have on a person's weight.

"The really interesting finding is that increasing and decreasing sugar had virtually identical results [on weight], in the opposite direction of course."

By cutting out sugar, Amber Portwood has been able to lose weight in a healthy manner. Fans of Teen Mom have taken notice of the change in her lifestyle as well. MTV brought back the show this year and immediately fans commented on how much healthier Amber looks compared to when she was first on the show four years ago.

Aside from dieting and being healthy, Amber has also focused on her happiness, which includes working on her relationship with boyfriend, Matt. Fans met Matt on the new season of Teen Mom OG and, at first, were shocked to learn that there was a considerable age difference between the two (Matt is 42-years-old while Amber is 25-years-old.)

MTV has not announced if Teen Mom OG will be back for another season. If it is, Amber Portwood will likely be back to tell more of her story.

[Image via Twitter]