Google Photos Helping Google Plus Refocus On Social Instead Of Imagery

Google Photos taking off

Now that Google Photos is out there for all the world to see, it appears as if the Internet giant has another big hit on its hands. Already being billed as the photo app of Gmail, Google Photos could be one that puts image storage sites like Flickr in the dust. When it comes to the world of applications that promise to collect all your photos and videos in one place, it might seem like Google Photos is a bit redundant.

As CNN Money points out, one of the neat features of Google Photos is that it can actually help people free up space on their phones or mobile devices. Being able to be alerted by Google Photos ahead of time that you are about to run out of space and offer the ability to quickly and easily delete duplicates is a time saver and a storage saver. The ability to actually file your pictures in the Google Photos application under a number of different topics also means that shutterbugs will be able to find any photo they took, even if they want to find a photo based on what objects were in the pic.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the development of Google Photos is that this is meant to be a complete standalone application from Google Plus. During Friday’s press conference, the company announced that Photos is not going to be an extension of Plus. TheNextWeb quoted Google Vice President of Products Bradley Horowitz as this launch being part of the “renaissance in thinking of what Plus is and for.”

During this particular conference, the company was also quick to stop any sort of buzz that Plus might be dying off since it wasn’t being put together with Google Photos. Horowitz said Plus now a service which “connects people around shared interest and passions.” He also says Plus communities have over one million joins a day. The service is going to continue to focus on connecting people through things like storing pictures are going to be something handled separately.

The Internet giant is planning on doubling down on Plus when it comes to connecting people with their common interests. There will still be pictures in Plus, but that will no longer be the focal point of the website and service. Google Photos is getting a good start off the ground with this particular focus.

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