Google Photos App: What You Need To Know

The internet giant Google is stepping back in the ring with its new Google Photos app.

The announcement made Thursday at its 2015 Google I/O had tech enthusiasts all ears about the new service. The app has the world already contemplating whether or not it can stand against the likes of Flickr or Dropbox’s Carousel. However, taking a glimpse at Google’s history, this was exactly what Google had designed with its now defunct Google+ service.

But many tech junkies are impressed and say Google Photos can very well be the app we’ve been waiting for.

A Quick Rundown

Google Photos offers users a place to upload, edit, and store photos and videos — without the frustration of logins and special apps.

According to Google’s Official Blog, users are given the opportunity to store unlimited photos — from which all files are automatically backed up and synced from any device — for free.

This will leave more free space on your devices as you can now leave the backups to Google. The service will likely send blows at DropBox, which only offers up to 5GB for free. The maximum resolution for photos is 16MP and 1080p for HD videos, Forbes reported.

Furthermore, Google also outlines the unnecessary use of tags, labels, or album names to organize all your memories. All photos that you store can be easily searched for your own private viewing. All you have to do is search for something, such as “Christmas trip,” and all relevant photos will start appearing without much hesitation.

Share, Share, Share!

Google Photos App Share Feature
Screengrab via Google’s Blog

Once you download the Google Photos app, you have the dexterity to share your memories with the world across numerous services. From Hangouts to WhatsApp, you no longer have to do any downloading or re-uploading; sharing just got a whole lot easier.

Adding value to Google Photo’s sharing features, users are able to create a link and have hundreds of photos shared all at once.

Google explains the service as follows.

“With Google Photos, you have the choice to share your photos and videos however you want across any service you choose, from Hangouts to Twitter to WhatsApp.

“But even then, it’s still remarkably difficult to share a lot of photos just with friends and family and keep the ones shared with you—it usually involves a lot of downloading and re-uploading across a number of different services. We wanted to make sharing much simpler and more reliable.”

The Future of Photo & Video Storing?

It is too early to tell how well Google Photos will perform, but the app did, however, raise some serious eyebrows at Google’s Keynote event.

Google Photos is available now for the web, Android, and iOS users.

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