Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Slams CNN’s Chris Cuomo Over Free Speech Issue: Is Bill O’Reilly Next?

If something or somebody bothers Megyn Kelly, she lets you know. And on Thursday night, Megyn Kelly was angry about the fact that CNN’s Chris Cuomo told a Mohammed drawing contest organizer that what she was doing was the same thing as using the n-word. Needless to say, Mrs. Kelly disagreed and Real Clear Politics has her quote on the issue.

“His view is she’s not allowed to have a ‘Draw Muhammad’ contest because in his view, he has pronounced that is offensive. The question is offensive to whom, Chris? There is a group that finds this offensive, and there are tens if not hundreds of millions who have no issue with it whatsoever.”

Megyn Kelly especially criticized Cuomo for insinuating in a tweet that hate speech is excluded from protection.

“That tweet is totally wrong. It’s wrong in every way it can be wrong. I don’t even have the time to explain to you how wrong that is. So he got called out, and he never really admitted how wrong he was.”

According to Zap2It, The Kelly File had 2.25 million viewers on Thursday evening. The only one to beat her was, like usual, Bill O’Reilly with 2.58 million viewers. Kelly has been catching up to O’Reilly and has sometimes beaten him in the key demo (25-54 year-old viewers). O’Reilly has been on top of the news heap for more than 15 years, so Kelly still has a way to catch up to his legendary status. However, Megyn Kelly is the fastest rising cable television personality of the past five years.

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]