Did Natalie Imbruglia Hook Up With Prince Harry And Harry Styles?

Known for her 90s hit "Torn," Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia is talking pretty openly about past relationships, including rumors of being involved with both Prince Harry and One Direction's Harry Styles.

Imbruglia was wed to Silverchair's frontman Daniel Johns for a little over four years before the two divorced in 2008.

Imbruglia admitted in an interview with Red Magazine, "After my divorce I was doing lots of crazy stuff."

So are the Harry's included in the "crazy stuff?" According to Imbruglia, no and no.

When the magazine spoke with Imbruglia about past flings, Prince Harry came up and if she had ever actually been involved with his royal highness.

Imbruglia explained, "No. I know him. But no."

And what about the other Harry, One Direction's Harry Styles?

Imbruglia's reaction was a little more animated and "up for interpretation."

During the interview when asked about Styles, "she looks straight ahead, says 'no' and rolls her eyes."

According to Shane Watson, who interviewed Imbruglia for Red Magazine, Imbruglia's reaction said, "I'd say that's a yes for what it's worth."

The two singers were rumored to have been involved in 2012 when Imbruglia and Styles spent the night in the same hotel for the wedding of James Corden. At the time, Styles was only 18-years-old while Imbruglia was "19 years his senior."

And those weren't the only two men discussed with Imbruglia.

When asked about other flings, Imbruglia admitted to a relationship with Friends' star David Schwimmer, saying "Yes, that was a happy relationship."

Imbruglia denied other rumored relationships with British superstar Robbie Williams and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

Imbruglia, who has written with Chris in the past, stated, "We are mates and I haven't seen him in ages."

Imbruglia did openly discuss, though, how the success of "Torn" and the subsequent Grammy nomination lead to her one-year relationship with rocker Lenny Kravitz.

"He wouldn't have known me, if it wasn't for the song," said Imbruglia.

Despite all the flings and rumored flings, Imbruglia is single and ready to mingle, even talking "about trying out Tinder."

Although the Australian star turned 40 in February, Imbruglia admits that she has hope for future relationships, including kids.

"I definitely want children... I am not at that point yet but I am not opposed to the idea. I've got time," explained Imbruglia on Best Daily.

While she hasn't been working on relationships with Prince Harry or Harry Styles, Natalie Imbruglia has been working a new album, Male, due out in August.

[Photo Courtesy of OuchPress]