Michelle Carter, Conrad Roy III: Teen Awaits Manslaughter Trial By Visiting Disney World, Going To Prom

Teenager Michelle Carter has been charged with manslaughter after text messages indicate that she encouraged her friend, Conrad Roy III, to commit suicide. Michelle knew about the suicide plans, and instead of trying to talk Conrad down from the act, she encouraged it.

One particularly damning text message was sent as Conrad began to carry out the act. The teen was in his truck as carbon monoxide filled the air, he became scared and exited the vehicle while informing Michelle that he had left the dangerous situation. Michelle then sent a callous message back, stating, “get back in.” Conrad did as she said and was later found dead inside his truck. However, Conrads’s family says that Michelle isn’t taking the charges against her seriously and that they are shocked by her social media posts. The family says she has been living it up at Disney World and prom while she awaits trial.

The Boston Herald reports that Conrad Roy III’s aunt, Becki Maki, is shocked by what she has seen on Michelle Carter’s social media accounts leading up to her manslaughter trial. Maki notes that Carter has posted photos of herself on a trip to Disney World with friends and attending prom. She says it is as though Michelle is not taking responsibility for her actions and seems unfazed by her upcoming trial.

“We will never see him enjoy these milestones. To see her awaiting her manslaughter trial on a trip to Disney World with her friends, going to school competitions and going off to prom – it just seems like she doesn’t understand the gravity of the actions that have led to the case against her.”

Though Michelle currently seems unfazed by her upcoming trial, the Inquisitr previously reported that the teen sent a text message to another individual saying Conrad Roy III’s death was her fault and that she was scared his family would hate her forever.

Michelle Carter faces a potential 20 year sentence for her involvement in Conrad Roy’s death as prosecutors paint a picture of a girl who so desperately wanted attention that she was willing to allow Conrad Roy to die for it. Text messages sent by Carter indicate that she was seeking sympathy from friends via text prior to Roy’s death.

Carter sent a text message to a friend stating, “I’m losing all hope that he’s even still alive. I’m thankful that our last words were ‘I love you.'”

However, right before sending that sympathy-seeking message to her friend, Carter sent a message to Roy asking him to “let me know when you’re gonna do it.” All of this happening prior to the “get back in” text message that prosecutors are saying is responsible for Roy’s untimely death.

What do you think of the Michelle Carter case? Is she at least partially responsible for Conrad Roy III’s death? Do you think it is acceptable that she has been keeping up with her social media presence with photos from Disney World and prom leading up to her trial?

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