George Clooney: Aging Gracefully Means No ‘Nip And Tuck’ Or Hair Dye, Says Actor As He Gushes Over Amal [Photos]

George Clooney is an advocate of aging gracefully. And Clooney says that means skipping the hair dye and plastic surgery to try to look younger, reported Entertainment Tonight.

However, George also recognizes that women have an even more challenging time when it comes to succeeding in the entertainment industry.

“There is nothing fun [about aging],” Clooney commented. “I know for actresses, it’s infinitely worse because of public perception based on nothing except studios not hiring them, but I think for all of us you have to come to terms with getting older and not trying to fight it.”

And for George, coming to terms with aging means the natural look. Rather than hunt for the Fountain Of Youth, Clooney accepts that aging means changing the public’s perception of his appearance as well as which roles are best suited to his look and skills.

George Clooney on aging.
Actor George Clooney attends the Tokyo premiere of “Tomorrowland” and talks aging.

“You have to get used to the idea that your roles in films, and who you are and how you’re perceived, is going to change,” declared George.

Clooney is perfectly content with his grey hair and wrinkles.

“[Hair dye has] never been an issue or an option,” said George. “[I don’t want] a little nip and tuck. I don’t think it would make much sense, quite honestly. I’ve seen it happen, and particularly on men, I don’t think it works very well. I think it actually makes you look older.”

Thus, rather than attempt to turn back the clock, Clooney is focusing on being his best at his current age.

“I’m a big believer in the idea that you can’t try to look younger, you can just try to look the best you can at the age you are.”

What’s next for the actor? George may want to discuss with his new wife Amal Clooney the issue that she’s getting most of the attention for premieres of his movies, reported E News.

Amal and George Clooney at premiere.
Lawyer Amal Clooney and actor George Clooney attend the Tokyo premiere of “Tomorrowland.”

The two recently attended the Tokyo premiere of Tomorrowland, and it was Amal’s sizzling, sleek physique attired in a silk dress that got the spotlight.

“She’s stunning and has a great sense of style—there’s no stylist or anything,” gushed George. “She just comes out like that and she shows up and she looks stunning.”

And he’s also thrilled with his wife’s work as a human rights lawyer and professor.

“She does it while she’s got 11 cases going—literally. So she’s an amazing woman.”

Amal and George recently showed their love for each other on the red carpet, competing with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw in an unofficial PDA contest, as the Inquisitr reported.

And Clooney revealed the secret of how the busy couple stay close.

“Our only adjustments are figuring out our schedules. Our deal is that we can’t be more than a week apart. So far, that’s worked out pretty well.”

[Photos by Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images]