Hilary Duff Releases Tinder-Free ‘Sparks’ Music Video [Watch]

Hilary Duff fans can rejoice. They finally got their wishes to come true. When Hilary Duff released the music video for her new single, “Sparks,” fans weren’t happy that it was basically an advertisement for Tinder. The singer and actress was listening and decided to release a new version of the music video.

Duff, 27, didn’t even hide the fact that she was on the popular dating app. In various interviews, the former Disney star exclaimed how excited she was to dip her foot into the world of online dating. When the “Sparks” music video came out, fans quickly realized that Duff was only going on Tinder dates for the sake of the video.

Now Hilary has finally released an alternate “Sparks” music video. In fact, it’s called a “fan demanded version.” This music video removes all of the Tinder scenes to focus on the neon room and dance scenes. Also unlike the Tinder version, this “Sparks” music video focuses more on the music. Fans complained that the music video included dialogue that cut the natural flow of the song.

This music video shows Duff and her dancers dancing around in neon-colored rooms. They also wear a variety of pastel and bright clothes and hairstyles. The “Sparks” music video is just light and fun, what it always should have been. It shows Duff rocking aqua hair and Gaga-esque clothing.

The singer previously tweeted on Thursday morning that the second “Sparks” music video was on its way. It looks like it came out sooner than expected. This new version of the music video won’t do the single any good though. As of Thursday, May 28, “Sparks” is not listed on the Top 100 chart of iTunes in the U.S., as previously reported via Direct Lyrics. It’s probably too late for the single to pick up steam since interest in the song has already decreased. It also doesn’t help that “Sparks” is also not getting any airplay.

What are your thoughts on Hilary Duff’s Tinder-free version of the “Sparks” music video? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Hilary Duff/YouTube/VEVO]