Noe And Uriel Ramos: Brothers Face Over 400 Charges After Raping Child For Three Years

Noe Ramos, 28, and Uriel Ramos, 26 are facing a combined total of 443 criminal charges after being accused of — and admitting to — sexually assaulting a young girl living in their West Palm Beach home for the last three years.

The two men, who are brothers to each other, confessed to raping the girl, who is now 13 years of age, several times a week. The two are now currently being held without bail in the county jail after being arrested on Thursday.

Noe Ramos faces a total of 156 counts against him. There are 140 counts sexual battery and 16 counts of sexual battery by a custodian on a child. Noe’s brother Uriel faces even more charges, at a total of 287 counts for the exact same offenses, according to documents filed by the Palm Beach County Clerk. According to the Palm Beach Post, all of the assaults the girl suffered before she was 12 years of age are capital offenses in the state of Florida, meaning that they are punishable by life in prison.

The relationship that exists between the two men and the young victim has not been released by authorities.

The arrest reports surrounding the Ramos brothers do not mention how the long-term and repeated sexual assaults against the child came to the attention of authorities, but the child was able to describe, with detail, the more recent attacks. The child told the police that when she came home from school just last Monday, Noe Ramos asked that she come to his bedroom. When she told him to stop bothering her, he grabbed her arm, pulled her into his bedroom by force, and raped her.

On Thursday, the child was in her own bed when Uriel Ramos entered her room, locked the door behind him before getting on top of her and raping her. The child told detectives that she no longer fought back because in the past, when she fought back, Uriel Ramos would beat her.

According to police reports,Uriel Ramos does have a criminal past. In 2010, Ramos hit a woman over the head with a beer bottle in a store. He was arrested for aggravated assault, but the charges were reduced to battery. He was found guilty.

As for Noe Ramos, he has some traffic tickets but does not appear to have a criminal record.

Some victims of long-term abuse, especially when the abuser has a relationship with the victim’s family, admit that their abusers continue to have a “hold” over them, even after the abuse has stopped. Click here to read about one young woman whose abuser had such a hold over her that she invited him to her wedding.

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