Bride Invited Pedophile Who Repeatedly Raped Her As A Child To Her Own Wedding

It should have been the happiest day of Kristy Sutton’s life. However, the presence of one man at her wedding means that it will forever be ruined after Kristy admitted that she invited a pedophile who repeatedly raped her as a child to her wedding because of the hold that he held over her.

27-year-old Kristy Sutton eventually found the courage to report 54-year-old George Spooner to police. He has since been found guilty of indecent assault and child rape and is now awaiting sentence.

Spooner was a family friend to Sutton, and he originally came into their lives after Kristy’s mother and father took him into their home as a lodger after he’d fallen on hard times. Over the next few years he increasingly began to be more affectionate and physical with Kristy.

At first this simply saw him stand up for her, then he began to hug her and tickle her, and eventually he started to become sexual with her. This continued until Kristy was aged 15, which is when she left to live with her natural father hundreds of miles away.

But since then she has repeatedly seen George Spooner at family functions, including weddings and christenings. And when it came time to organize her own wedding she decided she had to invite George to the wedding, because if she didn’t then she’d have to come clean about why he wasn’t there. And she just wasn’t ready.

Kristy told the Sunday People, via the Mirror, “I felt obliged to invite him. Everyone would have asked why he was excluded and I just wasn’t ready to tell them yet. The thought terrified me.”

Speaking of how he tainted her day, Kristy Sutton continued, “My wedding should have been the happiest day of my life but it wasn’t. It was tainted by his presence.”

Kristy Sutton did finally tell the authorities about Spooner’s horrific indiscretions when her own daughter turned seven. This was because this was the age when he originally started abusing her, and it just brought home the full horror of what George Spooner had put her through. After trying to confront him about the incidents over Facebook, George Spooner denied all allegations and insisted that she needed psychiatric help.

This provoked Kristy to contact the police, and after an eight-day trail he was convicted of three counts of child rape and two of indecent assault. He is set to be sentenced on Thursday.

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